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The confirmation of your electronic ticket purchase is a itinerary receipt (ITR). After payment accomplishment, itinerary receipt is sent to your email address, specified at the booking. It is preferably to save your itinerary during entire trip.

It contains full information about the route, form and details of payment and flight booking number. You will need the itinerary receipt during the passport control, when flying abroad, as a  proof that you have a return ticket or that you follow further along the route.

When you buy a ticket online, your booking is processed in standard manner, but travel information, usually reflected on the ticket, is not printed on the form, but is securely stored in electronic database of airline.

Itinerary is convenient because it contains complete information about the flight, similar to a paper ticket. It is recommended to print the itinerary out and have it with you during entire trip, although it is not mandatory for check-in procedure. The most important information contained in the itinerary is the ticket number.

E-ticket, along with the usual airline ticket is a document that certifies the contract of carriage between passenger and airline.